35 years tax return preparation expertise

2019 (and prior year) U.S. 1040NR Income Tax Preparation for Nonresidents and Temporary Visitors

Dual tax expertise of a C.P.A. firm partner who is also a practicing tax attorney


We have prepared thousands of federal form 1040s and  various state income tax returns over the past 35years. Our preparation includes systems designed to help find our clients ever tax deduction and utilize every possible tax saving techniques legally permitted by law.   We also prnepare tax returns for all U.S. states.


When you submit us your income tax organizer (see below for downloading this useful tool) by mail, fax or email, we will call, fax or email  you with questions, or suggestions to make sure your data is correctly entered in your tax return, and all potential tax savings strategies available to you are utilized.  If you have a complex return, or your tax data is disorganized, we may send you a draft tax return for your review to make sure all data is accurately entered.

Once all your tax data is reviewed and  the best tax return strategy is determined, we prepare the final return for you signature and filing. Our clients are located everywhere in the world. Therefore you final return can be delivered by mail, email, or express delivery services subject to your instruction.  We also will e-file your tax return if you request.

To get started download a tax organizer and our engagement agreement below to print out now on your computer.  The files are in the format indicated.  If in the course of the download you receive a message requesting a user name or password, please ignore and just keep clicking the download button and the file will download after 2-3 clicks. The form can be completed by hand when printed out or on your computer using MS Word. Please email or phone us with questions.

The following link will allow you to download the applicable questionnaire and get started now:




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